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Yoga Studio


Health & Wellness Coaching

Transitioning into the next phase of your journey can with its own set of challenges--- osteoporosis, hormone imbalance-- just to name a couple. As a wellness coach, I will guide you through them. From nutrition to mental well-being, together we will co-create a roadmap to ensure you thrive in every aspect of your journey.  


Yoga Therapy

Dive deep into personalized yoga sessions that not only enhance physical strength and flexibility but also address specific age-related concerns.  Together, we will craft routines that cater to your unique needs, ensuring you feel rejuvenated, balanced, and empowered. 


Integrative Health

​Embrace life’s twists and turns with our blend of yoga therapy and wellness coaching. Our signature program combines the therapeutic benefits of yoga therapy with actionable insights from wellness coaching. Together, we aim for graceful aging, filled with confidence and joy.

Let's make this chapter one of vibrant growth!​

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