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January: New Year - New Mindset!

By Kathleen Belonga

SUN JAN 03, 2021


With a new year beginning, now is a great time to restate and renew your intentions. And, what better way to prepare your mindset than with your yoga practice!

Yes, it is on our mats where the work begins but certainly not where it ends. The physical poses create space in our bodies. As we still our minds, we create space in our minds on and off the mat.

What in your wellness routine needs to be reset? Maybe you desire to eat better, sleep better, or carve out more time for self-care? Now is the time to get back on track.

During my winter wellness series we will ease back into our routine, cultivate a wellness mindset, and explore the possibility of setting new intentions. Maybe some of you will even join me for a reset day to reboot our digestive system?

When you are ready check out the Full 8-week series, you will have access to class recordings in my Vimeo library and bonus materials as available or drop-in to live classes as time allows.

Maybe you aren't quite ready for a class? Let's connect 1:1 over a video session. Together we will get your home practice space set up and work on key poses so you feel confident and comfortable to flow with a group!

Peace and love!