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May: Those Bones, Those Bones!

By Kathleen Belonga

FRI MAY 07, 2021

Hello Friends!

Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

I want to talk about osteoporosis. If you are not familiar with osteoporosis, it’s a condition of bone poverty. Basically your bones have lost a significant mineral density, which weakens them, and increases your risk for fractures. Yoga is actually very good for building strength ad bone density. But you must be mindful about how you move your body both on and off your mat. You also should understand how to modify your practice if you are experiencing a loss of bone density.

Precautions / Modifications

  • Avoid quick forceful movements (jump backs, quick directional changes). Instead, move slowly and mindfully between poses.
  • Standing Balance Poses without Support. Instead, use a chair or wall to provide support.
  • Avoid forward bends (anything that compresses or flexes the spine). Instead, use the wall or chair to provide support and only partially bend.
  • Avoid crunching in sit-ups or rolling on spine. Instead, try supine core work lowering just legs or 4-limb planks.
  • Avoid shoulder stand, headstand. Instead, do Restorative Candle Stick or Legs up the Wall.

Other Considerations

  • Consider adding 1-2 pound weights to hands and/or ankles to increase resistance as you move through your asana practice. Increasing the load helps to build bone density.
  • Planks are safe and good for increasing core strength. Be ready to plank!
  • Standing poses help build strong legs/hips, use props where needed.
  • Be mindful about your spine. Keep core engaged and focus on creating a neutral spine.
  • Mild side bends are ok, mild back bends are fine.
  • Supine twists are best.

Nutritional Considerations

Eat more…

Dark leafy greens

Cruciferous vegetables

Omega-3 (wild caught fish)

Vitamin D

Vitamin K





Processed Foods

Excess Dairy and Animal Proteins


Peace & love!