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Sep 7, 2023 - Nov 3, 2023

Yoga & Lifestyle for Osteoporosis LIVE

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Understanding how to move your body safely through different stages of life is vital, especially when faced with osteopenia or osteoporosis. In this weekly group yoga therapy class and online course, you will learn how to practice a new kind of yoga with props, breath work, mindful awareness, and other therapeutic techniques. The online course also includes lifestyle suggestions for improving overall health and well-being. You will need: Some props as described in the props overview and worksheet A laptop or computer with a front facing camera displaying your full body during the class, I need to see you for safety Please do not attend classes with a phone, you need to be able to see me and hear all instructions You will learn: Adaptions for traditional yoga poses How to use 12 yoga poses to build bone mineral density. Stress management techniques Lifestyle habits for better overall health You will have access to online content until November 3, 2023. The online course content includes: Demonstration videos for pose adaptions and more Pdf worksheets for you to print off and use Audio meditations for use in between classes Each week on Monday, new content will post for the week including the link to join the live class. A feedback form will be available in your dashboard to be completed at the end of each class. The feedback form is required for continued participation. Your participation is appreciated! All online content is intended for your use only. Thank you!

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