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Are you a mid-life woman looking for more than a one-style fits-all kind of yoga class? Do you desire a more holistic experience? A practice that is designed for a woman's body and evolving needs? Do you crave connection with other women your age?

Join the on-demand membership access to a growing library of classes designed for women just like you. You don't have to bend your body like a pretzel, if you can breathe you can do yoga. With my holistic teaching style, combining physical practice with lifestyle and wellness instruction, you will gain confidence and skills to practice breath-work, meditation, and yoga with proper alignment at home.

You will also learn tips and tricks to enhance your wellness off the mat.

Monthly membership access to a growing on-demand yoga class and resource library. A variety of 60-minute and 30-minute classes; relaxation and meditations; and wellness resources for mid-life women.

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