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Coast through the holidays mindfully

Hey friends! It's your favorite health-lovin' wellness coach here, ready to help you coast through the holiday season in a mindful (but totally delightful) way. I know how tempting it is to throw nutrition to the wind from Thanksgiving through New Year's. All those cookies, cocktails, appetizers - oh my! But with a few simple tips, you can stay on track, have fun, and wake up January 1st feeling oh-so-good.

Prepare for Success

First things first, come to the party prepared. Don't arrive hungry! Have a balanced snack like a non-dairy yogurt and berries before heading out so you don't ravage the cheese platter. Speaking of snacking smart, keep healthier options like the vegetable platter and hummus bowl in your sightline. Position yourself near them so you munch on the good stuff. And be choosy at buffets; no need to sample everything. Remember: we often eat with our eyes.

Opt for a Mocktail

When it comes to cocktails, skip the sugary, creamy beverages and go for a healthy alternative, like a mocktail! Watch for my next blog for more on mocktails. Or, at least opt for fresh squeezed juices or sparkling water with a lime twist. Alcohol consumption can quickly add excess calories and spike blood sugar, not to mention altering your gut health. If you do decide to induldge, alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water to stay hydrated and slow the pace.

Have a Strategy

Managing holiday meals themselves does require some strategy. Fill up on salad and lean protein first before moving to the sides and rich mains. Go for smaller portions of heavier foods; you can always get more later. Pay attention to how satisfied you are feeling - stop when you’re 80% full. And don’t feel pressured to finish everything on your plate!

Sweet Stuff

Of course, no holiday meal is complete without a slice of something sweet. At least not for me! When dessert rolls around, savor a small serving of your very favorite. Skip the average cookies, and zero in on homemade options. Don't stress about one little indulgance, instead savor each bite. Mindful eating means truly appreciating each bite.

Prioritize Movement

Don’t forget about self-care either! Keep moving with walks after big meals, stretch breaks during cooking, and yoga routines amid the flurry of activity. Manage stress through breathing exercises, meditation, and saying no when you need to. Listen to your body and give it what it needs.

So enjoy the season, my friends! With intention and balance, you can eat, drink and be merry while keeping your fabulous wellness on track. Here’s to happy, healthy holidays ahead!

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