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Are you living in alignment?

Updated: Jan 18

How to Bring Awareness to Your Choices

Hello and Happy New Year my friends!

As we begin to settle into the new year, now is the perfect time to think about your vision for yourself. What changes would you like to make? What things will stay the same?

What would would you discover by reflecting on the life that you are living now vs. the life that you envision for yourself? Are you living in alignment with that vision?

You may be wondering what exactly does it mean to live in alignment?

Well, a quick google search will tell you that living in alignment can mean a lot of different things. Living in the present moment. Living with purpose. Living consciously. Living out your values.

When I think of living in alignment, I think about all of those qualities and more.

Living consciously in alignment with yourself means to me, living in alignment with the values, desires, intentions, and a clear awareness of what you do and how you do it.

Tip #1 - Create a mantra or intention

A few years ago, I set my mantra to be TRUTH. I don’t mean just telling the truth, that was something I always did. But to live in the truth about what I want. Truth about who I am. Truth about how I feel. And, to express myself authentically without concerning myself with what others think about me. Consciously living in my TRUTH, every single day was my mantra.

It was an amazing journey. As I saw pivots in my life. Breaking away from unhealthy relationships, rather it was with family or friends. Making time for myself to build physical and emotional strength. Saying no to over-committing or giving myself away to those who did not appreciate me or my acts of service.

Last year, I chose to manifest ABUNDANCE for myself and others. Gradually, I began to see a shift in my life. Opportunities started to come my way professionally and personally. I am going to continue to manifest ABUNDANCE this year again. It's already working!

Tip #2 - Make time to practice

Our yoga practice can serve as an observation lab. By observing our attitudes towards our body in how we approach our yoga practice. Not just the physical practice, but the spiritual, and energetic practices too. Intention vs. autopilot. Effort & Ease vs. Forcing & Tensing.

We can observe our intentions and values by observing how we react or respond during the practice. Are you willing to make time for centering and contemplation? Or, is your practice just one more thing on the To-Do List? How do you engage in the energetic practices like breath work and Mudra hand gestures? With ease or resistance? Are you more concerned with how you look in the poses vs. how you feel? Or, are you approaching your practice with a growth mindset, ready to learn?

How do you respond to a slower pace? Do you find yourself resisting a slow practice? Sometimes we are anxious and want to move our bodies fast, even if that isn’t really what we need. Or, the ego wants to take over and move us into poses that are unsafe or unproductive.

Do you find it difficult to move your body at all? Is stagnation taking over your motivation physically and mentally? Sometimes our minds are dull and though we need more movement, we resist.

How do you treat yourself at the end of the practice? Are you rushing off the mat to get to the next thing on your To-Do List? Do you find discomfort in silence? Or are you able to accept the gifts of relaxation? Do you make time to restore your body, soul, and mind?

"Only when we are brave enough to explore our darkness will be discover the infinite power of our light." – Brene Brown

Tip #3 - Take time to reflect

How often do you take time to reflect after a meditation or yoga practice? What did you learn? How do you apply these discoveries into daily life?

These responses are all indications of what we value. What kind of relationship we have with our body. And, how we move through life.

Tip #4 - Reset

Once you are aware of those habitual patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you, you can let them go. Take time to reflect and reset now. And, any time throughout the year that you feel you are overwhelmed, overcommitted, or just feeling a bit off. That feeling could be an indication that you are not living in alignment. Just become aware, without judgment. Adjust what needs to be adjusted and carry on!

Move forward without judgment

What does this new year symbolize for you? What intentions will you set? How will you live in alignment now? Would love to hear from you, please share in the comments!


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