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Integrative Wellness

Lifestyle Coaching + Yoga Therapy

Unveil the seamless blend of Lifestyle Medicine Coaching (west) and Yoga Therapy (east) designed for women seeking: more balance, more vitality, more zest for life.

Curious? Dive in and uncover the harmony within.


Holistic Transformation

​Hello to the inspiring women over 50! Life’s journey, especially in this rich phase, brings both challenges and rewards. That’s precisely why I've combined the benefits of yoga therapy and wellness coaching into one comprehensive package. Yoga therapy addresses those physical and energetic changes, ensuring you remain agile and balanced, while wellness coaching provides a supportive space to navigate the aspects of lifestyle changes. This integrative approach is all about empowering you to age with grace, confidence, and a sense of purpose. Together, we’ll tackle this chapter, making it one of growth, well-being, and genuine contentment.


Personalized Approach to Well-being

​Understanding that stepping into a new wellness journey can come with hesitations, Integrative Wellness is as inclusive and accommodating as possible. If you're concerned about physical limitations, know that yoga therapy is tailored to every individual body, ensuring that you'll move in ways that feel right and beneficial for you. No picture-perfect yoga poses here, just real practices for real bodies. As for body image, our community celebrates diversity and everybody’s unique beauty. There's no need to fit a particular mold or match a magazine cover. We're all about embracing who you are now. And if the thought of starting something new brings a flutter of anxiety, you're not alone. Change can be daunting, but with a supportive community and guidance every step of the way, you'll find a comforting space to grow, explore, and truly thrive.


Cultivate Harmony

​For women navigating the rewarding years beyond 50, the Integrative Wellness program offers a comprehensive approach to holistic well-being. Within this program, strength and flexibility are not mere physical attributes; they represent a life lived with vitality and poise. Using yoga techniques that not only foster muscular and joint health but also play a pivotal role in enhancing bone density, and managing stress are crucial considerations in this stage of life. Beyond the physical, there is the realm of emotional resilience. With the intertwining of yoga therapy and wellness coaching, participants cultivate a deeper understanding and mastery over their emotional landscapes, ensuring they remain poised amidst life's diverse challenges. Furthermore, the practices within Integrative Wellness have been shown to promote more restful, regenerative sleep patterns. In its entirety, this program is an invitation to a harmonized existence, wherein body, mind, and soul are attuned to their highest potential.

Sleep Hygiene

Nutritional Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Energetic & Spiritual Health

Stress Management

Physical Wellness


Let's work together to decide the best way forward

Free Discovery Call

Committing to a program such as Integrative Wellness might bring up a few reservations. You might wonder if you have the time, or feel hesitant about opening up and showing vulnerability. Some may even harbor a touch of skepticism, wondering if real change is truly attainable. I respect these concerns. That's why I encourage you to book a no-obligation call.  It's an opportunity to voice your questions, to understand the flexible structure I've created with busy lives in mind, and to get a genuine feel for the program's potential impact. Allow yourself this brief moment to explore without commitment, and it could very well be the conversation that reshapes your journey.   Let's talk, and together, decide the best way forward for you.

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